Customer SatisfactionComputer Palace (Advance Computer Corp) located in West Los Angeles has been providing professional computer networking, support and repair services to our small and medium size business clientele for over 20 years.

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Computer Palace provides a wide range of complete and comprehensive computer services for our corporate customers in the greater Los Angeles area such as:


  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Server and Desktop Upgrades
  • E-mail/Exchange Setup & Configuration
  • Network Security & Firewalls
  • Backup Systems & Disaster Recovery
  • Server and Desktop Rollouts


  • Support & Service Contracts
  • Network Administration
  • Scheduled & Preventive Maintenance
  • Monitoring & troubleshooting
  • On-Site and Remote Support
  • Computer & printer repairs
  • Virus control and eradication


We also sell and service all major brands such as:logos

As network infrastructures become increasingly mission-critical and more complex, the demand for resources that can support such requirements is intensifying. network infrastructures

Computer Palace can design and implement your IT Infrastructure from top to bottom, efficiently and cost-effectively. We can design LAN, WAN, WLAN. Share your high speed Cable or DSL internet service and much more. design and implement

We configure firewalls, Routers, switches and more. We have innovative solutions to give our customers the competitive advantage they need. The solutions we design solve our customers’ problems and let us earn the trust that leads to an ongoing business relationship. configure firewalls, Routers, switches and more

We are not your one man consultant guy, looking for a temporary position in your company and then leaving you stranded when he suddenly decides not to show up the next day. With Computer Palace you have a whole company behind you backed with professional engineers and over 15 years of experience. Computer Palace has been here longer than most computer companies and will continue to be there for you every step of the way. whole company behind you


(Corporate Division)
We have variety of support services designed to meet the individual support needs of our clients. We show you how you can save with our customized monthly service contracts by cutting variety of hidden costs in many areas of your IT that you may not be aware of. monthly service contracts

One of the biggest problems companies are facing today is to deal with unexpected computer disasters when it’s too late and damage is already done. Included in our service contracts, our preventive/scheduled maintenance plan will stop the problems in their track before they have a chance to cause costly damages and downtime. We will monitor your computer systems, network infrastructure, virus protection, network security, back-up system and more to make sure there are no hidden disasters ready to happen. unexpected computer disasters

We will keep your computers operating in tip-top shape for maximum performance and reliability. This will insure a fully operational Network, minimizing downtime and saving you money now and in the long run. your computers operating in tip-top shape

Computer Palace is here to give you a peace of mind away from the day-to-day problems and complications of your company’s computer systems. You have more important things to do than worrying about your computers’ daily smooth operation. peace of mind away from the day-to-day problems and complications of your company’s computer systems

Our mission is to Build, Connect, Secure and Support our customer's IT assets. We are dedicated to providing high quality hardware and software support and develop our services to meet the new, complex demands of each individual corporate customer. high quality hardware and software support

We are your one stop source for all your hardware, software and IT needs and we won’t stop until we know you are fully satisfied with the results and you have a smile on your face. one stop source for all your hardware, software and IT needs

Please contact us so that we can find out more about your needs and describe in more depth how our expertise in networking technologies can bring added value to your business. contact us