Corporate Customers

We understand the difficulties a purchasing agent or MIS manager faces every day. Computer Palace is here to assist you with research, information, pricing, technical help, and locating hard to find items and any other specific assistance you might need.

Consider Computer Palace as your one-stop, full service computer company, providing you with all your hardware, software, networking, service & support needs at the most reasonable prices. We carry all major brand name and can get you practically any computer product at the most competitive pricing and in a timely manner. We will always be happy to beat or match any better pricing you might have. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales people are at your service to make every one of your sales transactions a pleasant experience.

You don’t need to search all over the internet looking for the best prices at the expense of dealing with a new company every time and getting frustrated with their lack of knowledge & support, no point of contact, unpredictable service, unreasonable shipping charges and waiting time. Instead Computer Palace can set you up with the most competitive corporate pricing combined with fast, friendly & reliable service.

Unlike those large computer product & service providers who have a rigid system in place where you have to mold your needs to their strict guidelines, Computer Palace is a flexible company who will evaluate the specific needs of each customer and provide the best possible service according to the individual requirements of that customer.

We work on building a friendly, one-to-one relationship that will turn into a long term business alliance. So please don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can:

  • Understand the specific needs of your company.
  • Describe to you our products & services.
  • Setup an account for you
  • Set you up on a special pricing level.
  • Assign a specific sales person to your account.
  • Come up with the payment plan such as Net Term or Business leasing that works best for your company.